Following California’s order yesterday, New York Governor Andrew Como orders all workers to stay home. This order affects 19.5-million residences of the state.

The order does exempt essential workers including in grocery stores, pharmacies, and other “essential businesses.”

The order will not be enforced for individuals at this time. “There will be a civil fine and mandatory closure for businesses not in compliance,” Como said at the press conference.

Additionally, Como offered funding for businesses who can create medicinal supplies. “I’m asking businesses to get creative… If you can make them we will give you funding to do it,” he said. “We will pay a premium for these products.”

There will also be a 90-day moratorium on residential and commercial evictions.

New York is one of the hardest hit states in the US. As of this writing, the US COVID-19 tracker reports 7,102 positive cases and 38 deaths — accounting for 44% and 18% of US positive cases and deaths, respectively.